How dry skin affects your touch screen response

By May 30, 2016Tips
Craig Shipley writes about touch screens

Craig Shipley – BHT blog contributor.

Greetings! My name is Craig Shipley and it is my honor and privilege to be posting here on BlueHair’s site. My goal with these blog posts is to pass along some tips and tricks as well as some cool free apps for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

A little background about me, I have been in the Information Technology field since the mid-‘70’s, starting out as a field support engineer, eventually moving into a sales engineering position. I spent the last decade plus working for a major computer security company, so I will try and highlight some of what I have learned there to help keep you safe and secure online. I also specialized in Data Protection, so that topic will be touched on occasionally as well.

Touch screen giving you a hard time?

One thing that I have noticed as a volunteer for Bluehair Technology is that some individuals are having a difficult time getting their devices to respond to their touch when trying to open an app. However, when I touched their screen, the app responded immediately to a very light, almost accidental touch of their screen. This led me to do some investigative research online and with a medical professional acquaintance that led me to believe that much of the issue is caused by dry skin. The touch screen requires that the finger have some moisture to activate the function, so keeping your hands moisturized does more than just keeping them feeling and looking good, it also helps make your device more responsive. If you would like to look at the article I found and see the testing method used, CLICK HERE.

Learn a new language!

Would you like to be able to learn a new language? Going on as trip and want to be able to be able to speak to the locals in their language? Duolingo can help teach you one of 18 new languages in simple, easy, bite-size lessons that are fun as well! This app has gotten high ratings from both Apple and the Android community. It is also available for Microsoft Window 8 & 10 computers.

Click here to get Duolingo in the Apple store.

Click here to get Duolingo in the Google Play Store for Android.

Click here to get Duolingo in the Microsoft Store.

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