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By November 26, 2015Workshops

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Saturday, December 19th
9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Johns Creek Active Adult Center – “Park Place

Do you remember listening to radio shows back in the 40’s…or maybe your parents told you about them. Join Bluehair Technology Group as they show you how to listen to the “radio” shows of today – called Podcasts. There are millions of free Podcasts available for you to listen to at any time on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Choose from a huge selection of categories such as News, Sports, Entertainment, the Arts and so many more! Listen when you want — where you want.

To register, please call or stop by the Johns Creek Adult Center 678-512-3430

$10 per person – receive a complimentary set of earbuds! ear

Bring Your Device!

Johns Creek Adult Center “Park Place”

3125 Old Alabama Road, Johns Creek, GA 30022

Sign Up Today, call 678-512-3430


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