Muscle Strengthening Glove

By March 27, 2014Tips

March 27, 2014

I thought this was an interesting new patented technology you’d be interested in reading about.  The product is called SEM™Glove – the SEM stands for Soft Extra Muscles.  The product was jointly developed by professors at Royal Institute of Technology and professors from Karolinska Institute in Sweden.  The innovative SEM™Glove improves grip strength and reduces muscle strain forbioserve glove people with weak grip”.

The SEMGlove belongs to a new generation of user-centric compensatory aids that have been developed using modern health technologies and robotics. The ergonomic SEM Glove increases hand strength, providing a firmer grip and improved finger control. With the glove’s help, stamina and grip strength are increased while muscle strain is reduced.

CLICK HERE to read the brochure and find out more about this revolutionary new product.

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