“Now What?” A Quick Guide to That New Tech Device

The holiday lights have been packed away and all of the ornaments have been shoved back into the attic. Now it is time to sit down and figure out that new device you received as a gift over the holidays! You know. . . the one you are not quite sure what it does. If you have been dreading fiddling around with your new tech gift, let Bluehair Technology Group help. Here are a few tips to getting started with any new device.

A Little Research Goes A Long Way

Take a few moments and do an internet search on your new device. Start with general terms like the name of the device and phrases like “how to use,” or “what does it do.” For most devices, you will find articles, blogs and videos explaining your new device’s features and uses. Another approach is to ask friends and family about your new device. Someone you know may have the device and great advice on its use and benefits. If you have an idea of how you can use the device before you set it up, you may find yourself more excited to start using it.

Set Up & Passwords

Many devices require you to go through a setup process. This process usually requests an email address or username and password to get started. Make sure your email address is entered correctly and select a username and password you can remember. The most secure passwords are those with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Always make sure to store all passwords in a safe place.

Sync With Your Home Wireless Connection

If your device allows for a wireless connection, it is a good idea to set it up at home using your secure connection. Never set up any device on an untrusted public wireless connection. Always use a connection you trust when entering a password, email address or any secure information.

Take A Class With Bluehair Technology Group

Let the knowledgeable instructors at Bluehair Technology Group help you master your new device. Our classes focus on ensuring seniors stay connected to family, friends and their interests through the use of technology such as Apple iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets, personal computers, and social networking sites. Visit bluehairtech.org/classes for our upcoming class schedule. Bluehair Technology Group classes cover a variety of tech topics and are held all over the metro Atlanta area.

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