5 Fabulous Quotes Senior Graduates Say About Our Classes

By May 25, 2016News

Here we go again! 

We recently had a graduation class who proudly smiled for the camera this week. What were they proud about? They just completed Bluehair Technology’s 8 class series on the basics of using their Android smartphone!

Senior Graduates

Proud Senior Graduates.

Here are 5 quotes from the senior graduates:

The class was excellent. Even though I didn’t have a phone with all these features. I used a borrowed phone with all of these features. I learned what the symbols meant and loss my fear of touching the screen and making mistakes!

This class was very very informative but more so than anything I learned not to be afraid of technology!

It was great and understandable!

Very good class for people who are afraid to use the phone for fear of losing information.

I would recommend this to anyone – young or seasoned.

Would you like to learn how to use your technology and become a senior graduate?

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Enjoy a recent tweet about the seniors learning how to use technology…and how much fun they have!

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