According to multiple press sources in the past 24 hours, the anxiously-awaited Apple Watch is rumored to be having big trouble with its more advanced healthcare measuring features. We noted at the time “Haptic engine and heart rate monitor; 4 lenses. infrared, LED, photo sensors detect pulse.” plus daily activity. Well, not quite. The Wall Street Journal broke the news that it will not debut in April including monitoring of “blood pressure, heart activity and stress levels” as originally planned because, simply, the watch did not measure them reliably and accurately (hairy, sweaty arms!), they were too complex or required regulatory approval (not so–see FDA and MDDS).

Apple has relied on the Watch to defend its Still Most Innovative Company Post-Jobs turf, in the face of overall slowing growth in smartphone sales, stalling tablet sales and much more competitive smartphone pricing, all of which hurt premium-priced Apple. Yet they are betting big on an item that no one is quite sure has a home (or an arm) with a wider market beyond the early adopters, and pricing it at a premium–a base of $349 to a ludicrously luxe top of about $4,000. The initial estimates of 30-60 million watches in its first 12 months have been scaled back to about 12 million. Also mHealthNews and MedCityNews.

And of course the breathless speculation on a self-driving, electric Apple Car codenamed ‘Titan’ was fueled this weekend by the same Wall Street Journal, but it may be diversionary, according to Forbes, which sourly noted “Whether or not Apple scraps its wrist device, the Apple Watch will remind us of what we are all missing because Apple under Tim Cook has yet to prove that it can innovate.”

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