Atlanta Nonprofit Tapped to Participate in Google Broadband Initiative

By April 6, 2016Technology for Seniors



Atlanta Nonprofit Tapped to Participate in Google Broadband Initiative

Atlanta, GA – Local non-profit Bluehair Technology Group is pleased to participate in the Digital Inclusion Fellowship by teaching the Senior Technology Series courses, beginning on April 11, 2016.

With the goal of bridging the digital divide, NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network) and Google Fiber launched the Digital Inclusion Fellowship in May 2015.  This national program strives to address the digital divide for the 60 million Americans not online today.

In Atlanta, GA, Aneta Thomas Lee was selected as a Fellow, working for the Department of Parks & Recreation.  Ms. Lee’s goal is to establish ongoing computer literacy programming with the City’s Recreation Department utilizing those facilities designated as the Centers of Hope.  The Senior Technology Series is a 4 week smartphone and tablet training course delivered by the Bluehair Technology Group.

“It’s important for seniors to understand how to really use their smartphone and tablets” says Jane Ratliff, Executive Director Bluehair Technology Group. “We have seen how teaching older adults the most important features of their devices not only helps them stay connected with their family and friends, but gives them a feeling of relevance in today’s technology focused world.”

For more information, contact Bluehair Technology Group at; visit; or call 770-696-9808.

About: Bluehair Technology Group Inc. seeks to equip and educate seniors with technology, increasing their ability to stay connected to their family, friends, and the world. Through small hands on workshops, BHT works to build confidence and remove the confusion and frustration that seniors face surrounding technology. By offering these classes with individualized attention, BHT helps seniors integrate computer, internet, tablets, and other forms of technology into their daily lives.


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