BIG Launcher App Helps Older Adults “SEE” Their Smartphone

By March 6, 2014Apps

March 6, 2014

We all have been in the company of older adults who have a difficult time seeing the small screen of their smartphones – whether it’s an iPhone or an Android device.  As an educator, I have to admit that I wonder how they can enjoy using these devices since the buttons and fonts are so small.  Older adults who have poor eyesight or any type of hand shakiness have a very difficult time using precise tapping on the device.  If you experience this or know a senior who has this challenge, let me introduce you to the BIG Launcher App.

What’s the BIG Launcher?

The BIG Launcher is an app that is used to replace the current interface of any smartphone running Android 2.1 and higher.  This application is literally designed with seniors in mind, offering simple and straightforward smartphone use. You’ve got vision impairment? No problem. Lack of motor skills? No problem. The BIG Launcher app takes care of it all by providing an easy to use and read interface. There’s even a standard SOS button, offering fast one-touch connection with local emergency services should you happen to slip and fall or injure yourself

Try the Free Demo Version

While the full version of this app costs $12, you can actually try the BIG Launcher demo version for free.  If you own an Android smartphone try this app – you have nothing to lose.

Check out the features that the demo version of the app allows users to:

  • Customize all buttons on the right side column
  • Add five additional screens
  • View the five most recent items in your call log
  • View your five most recent message threads
  • Write and send up to 20 text messages
  • Use the emergency SOS button

The first time you return to the BIG Launcher after using another app or placing a call, you will need to prompt your phone to use the app and not the home screen. You can select “Always” instead of “Just Once” to avoid this extra step in the future.

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