‘Elderly’ No More

By May 6, 2017News

Someone on our team shared an article with me from the NY Times.  The headline read ‘Elderly’ No More.

Here are a couple excerpts. To read the full article, follow this link: https://nyti.ms/2m3Y0JJ

“Have you thought about changing the name of that blog you’re writing for?” Ann Fishman asked, “The boomers aren’t going to like it. They don’t ever want to get old.”

I’d called Ms. Fishman, president of Generational Targeted Marketing, a market research firm in New York, with a simple question. What language should we use in talking about people age 65 and older? Should we call them “seniors”? “The elderly”? “Older adults”? Something else?

What terms should we use to discuss this age group without giving offense?

So I ask you:

What term should we use to discuss the 65+ age group without giving offense?  Add your thoughts below in the comment section.  We’ll post your answers in the blog next week, so don’t put your name down if you want to remain anonymous.


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