Get in Shape with your Smartphone or Tablet

By March 8, 2014Apps

March 8, 2014

It’s time to re-energize yourself (and your New Year’s resolutions) and jolt yourself and your midsection in shape!  The Fitness Buddy app works on both the iPhone and Android smart phone.

So What Does It Do?

1700 different workout exercises. 1000 workout videos. 4000 exercise photos.  And instructions for all of them.  Fitness Buddy is an absolutely amazing tool to track your workouts, learn new workouts, build a workout routine and see your body’s progress. For the smart phone inclined but weightlifting deficient, the preset workouts of Fitness Buddy can be adjusted to what equipment you have at your disposal.  Spring is just around the corner  – let’s get in shape and feel great for the warmer weather!

Why You Should Download It?

It allows you to have a personal trainer at the gym – without the cost of the personal trainer.  You can select specific muscle groups to workout (core, abs, arms) and it provides you a variety of exercises to perform.  You can choose from dumbbells, exercise bands, machines, etc.).  You know you want it, so download it now!

Cost:  only $1.99

Check it out for iPhone or Android.

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