Hottest Start-Ups in the “50 and Over” Health and Technology Markets

By April 5, 2014News

April 5, 2014

I am amazed at the latest innovations that the top 10 finalists in the AARP LivePitch Startup Health Tech have developed.  These are 10 strong companies who are poised to make an impact in healthcare for those 50 and over – and for everyone.

The first of the 10 finalists is:


Accel Diagnostic
Pittsburgh, PA

Accel Diagnostics enables patients and healthcare providers to perform lab-quality medical diagnostic tests at anytime, anywhere. Accel Diagnostics’ patented pScreen platform technology employs a single-use blood test the size of a credit card in tandem with a smartphone application to quickly detect disease-specific biomarker levels and manage chronic diseases in the home-setting.

To see the rest of the finalists on the AARP website, including Lift Labs that helps individuals affected by tremors by Parkinson’s diseases and Sway Balance that uses the technology in an iPhone for at home screen of balance and other neurological functions, CLICK HERE.

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