To schedule our in-home services, please call 404-307-8857 and ask for Gene Rubel. Our in-home services cover technical and educational solutions.

In-home private lessons – $100 for 90 minutes

  • smartphone
  • tablets
  • computers
  • facebook
  • almost anything you might want to learn about

Technical support for computers / printers / internet and wi-fi / and other services

  • Fee for service
    • Normal business hours
      • $75/hour for service done in our location
      • $100/hour away for first hour; then $75/hour
    •  Unscheduled nights and weekends
      • $125/hour
    • New notebook/laptop/computer
      • Hardware and software purchases
      • 2 hour set up and basic introduction
      • Transfer from exiting notebook 3 hours total
    • WIFI Network  – time and materials
      • General troubleshooting
      • Network printer installation
    • Malware/virus eradication – time and materials (minimum two hours)
    • Email conversion (to Gmail) – time and materials

Please send us an email if you have any questions.

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