Refresher on Taking and Emailing Pictures on your Apple iPad

By April 20, 2014Tips

April 20, 2014

Since many people are celebrating Easter today, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone how to take and send pictures with your Apple iPad.  And, if you have an Apple iPhone, the steps are virtually the same.  Remember, the iPad does not have a flash, so the best quality pictures will be those that are taken outside.  The iPhone does have a flash – so go ahead and flash away inside the house.

Click on the image below and read about the simple steps to take pictures on your device.  The images in the document will help you in a terrific step by step guide.  And, I want you to impress your family!!  Go ahead and send those terrific shots (or funny faces) to your family members and friends through email.

You can do it!!!  I’d love to see them as well, so send a picture to me and I’ll post them on this website.  My email address is

How to Take and Send a Picture for your Blog


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