Route 66 by Roadtrippers

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Route 66

Route 66

Get your kicks on Route 66- the quintessential cross-country road trip experience along America’s Mother Road.  This is a just an peek into the fun trips you can find on the Roadtrippers website.  Plan your summer driving vacation now!




Use the Roadtrippers website or app and explore the fun, historical, interesting and obscure places in the United States.


The open road.

That’s what it’s all about. Driving down long stretches of asphalt, pulling over at a local diner for some grub, and discovering the most incredible roadside wonders.

Co-founders James Fisher and Tatiana Parent suffer from an incurable case of wanderlust. So, they decided to design a web and mobile platform that streamlines discovery, planning, booking and navigation into one engaging road trip planner.

Powered by a fleet of local experts and travel writers Roadtrippers features a seemingly infinite database of amazing places (actually 100,000+ to be slightly more exact). We do the hard part, so you can have the adventure of a lifetime. At its core, Roadtrippers aims to inspire and promote awareness for local, offbeat and culturally stimulating experiences. After all, as Emerson’s taught us, it’s all about the journey.

Main Features

Kicking ass and taking names. We’re revolutionizing the road travel industry by creating a beautiful platform that inspires travelers to hit the road and allows them to discover unique places, while providing a map-based interface to navigate to these destinations.

  • Plan Trip:  Plan road trips using the most powerful route planning features online, including instant fuel cost estimation.
  • Save Places:  Find places you want to visit using our general categories or get super-specific with our sub-categories.
  • Guides:  Use our guides to access curated road trip experiences and get inspired.
  • Blog:  Indulge in unique and off-beat travel content to help inspire your next trip.

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