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Volunteers are Special People!

Bluehair Technology volunteers are:

Professional – Dress neatly and appropriately. (Business casual, nice jeans are fine.)

Reliable – Arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to assist with preparation. Stay 15 minutes after the end of the workshop to answer remaining questions and help clean up.

Prepared – Make sure you are educated on the class topic according to BlueHair Tech.

Proactive – Prior to start time, make sure all students have powered on their devices and are connected to the Internet. During class, spread your knowledge and assistance among all the students; do not dedicate all your time to one individual. Try to get the older adult to perform the action themselves.

Assist the Instructor – When the instructor is speaking, set an example for the adult students by respectfully listening. Do not interrupt or correct the instructor during the workshop. If something needs to be addressed, wait for a break to discuss. Encourage and work with the adult students helping them to interact with their devices on the appropriate topic.

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